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Engine off and convertible top down, the company founders coasted silently down Haleakala’s freshly paved crater road guided by the light of a full moon. That gravity-powered, open-air journey was the inspiration for what has become Maui’s largest and most experienced downhill bicycle tour company. We’re all about a fun and safe downhill biking experience.

Recognized throughout travel and tourism as the choice for the Maui volcano bike tour, Maui Mountain Cruisers boasts the industry’s best safety record—backed by an exceptionally well trained, safety-minded, and entertaining staff of cruise leaders. They look forward to sharing Haleakala’s magic with you, for what’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Guided Mid-day Tour (26 miles to Paia)


Since our inception, we’ve been at the center of developing safety standards for Maui’s downhill bicycle tour industry. In 1983, we founded the American Mountain Bicycle Safety League to promote the safety of downhill biking, working directly with Haleakala National Park and Maui County government to establish regulations for bicycle cruise companies.

Our work has led to regulations now followed throughout the industry, such as speedometers on the bikes of cruise leaders (allowing them to regulate group speed), highly visible outerwear, and motorcycle helmets and gloves to prevent injuries.

We were also instrumental in creating a policy for cars passing on the winding road down Haleakala. Cyclists do not hold up traffic for more than two minutes — enough time for cruise leaders to pull aside to allow traffic to pass safely.

Maui Mountain Cruisers’ tour staff undergo a 40-hour safety course that includes first aid training. Tour leaders are in constant radio communication with our “base camp” in town.

Your safety is our policy. Our goal is to provide you with a fun and safe journey through one of the world’s most unique and spectacular environments. While you may leave your heart on Haleakala, we do our utmost to ensure that’s the only thing. Come join us for the ride of your life!

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